Accounting Basics - Free Online Course

The Bookkeeping Master is back with another free bookkeeping and accounting course. In the past, I have covered a number of aspects of bookkeeping and accounting, including a free double entry bookkeeping course, using excel in accounts, how to create a business plan and many more free videos and online courses. My new course covers the basics of accounting and is aimed at those looking to start in the field of finance and accounting and business owners. The course includes videos on accounting term definitions, financial statements and other useful information. Please click on this link to start the first video in my Accounting Basics course or please read on and use the videos below.

Accounting Basics #1 - Introduction to Accounting Basics

The introductory video provides an overview of what is included in the course. It also provides some insights into accounting and gives me time to introduce myself and my accounting background.

Accounting Basics #2 - Accounting Terms

This video provides brief definitions and simple explanations of some of the most commonly used finance and accounting terms. The terms covered are revenue, sales, turnover, asset and liability. Other terms are covered later in the course.

Accounting Basics #3 - Financial Statements

The third video in my accounting basics course teaches about financial statements; the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and the business plan. All of these financial documents are widely used and referred to in finance and accounting fields. Also included are definitions for Gross and Net Profit.

Accounting Basics #4 - Company & Business Accounts

This topic is usually not covered in accounting courses but it is one of my favourites. The video covers the difference between registered companies and self employed businesses.

Thank you for taking my course. If it has been helpful, please make a donation. If you have any questions about accounting principles taught in this course, please email me at