Bookkeeping and Accounting Course

I now offer an Exclusive Bookkeeping and Accounting course!

What is included in the Bookkeeping and Accounting Course?

The course covers a number of aspects of generally bookkeeping and accounting but it does include detailed tuition on double entry bookkeeping and financial terms. The course also includes instructions on how to perform bank reconciliations, accruals, prepayments and real-life examples of completing accounts using excel and accounting software.

Who is the course for?

The Bookkeeping and Accounting Course is for anyone new to bookkeeping or accounting, anyone with a very basic knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting and anyone planning to take a certified course in the near future.

How is the course provided?

The Bookkeeping and Accounting Course is an online course. The course can be accessed at

Is there a cost?

Yes there is a one-off cost for lifetime access to the content. The cost for lifetime access is around £95.00.

How do I access the course?

For further details, please visit my Exclusive Bookkeeping Course page.

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