How to Create a Budget using Excel

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to create a budget; you may be in debt, you may have a financial goal to save a certain amount of cash or you may want to ensure that your current income is sufficient for your current outgoings and expenses. No matter the reason, budgets provide a way to ensure that we can meet our financial needs and will inform us of any surplus or shortfall.

How to Create a Budget using Excel

My video series 'How to Create a Budget - Budgeting your Money' is in 2 parts and provides a template for a personal or family budget. In the first video I will demonstrate how to construct the template, including adding titles for income, debt repayments and outgoings. If you would like me to email you the template used in this video, please make a donation and email me at

The second video in the series will demonstrate how to complete the budget, including adding income and outgoing details. I strongly suggest referring to your bank statements for the needed information.

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