I Need a Business Plan!

If you are in need of a business plan for your business or company, you have come to the right place! The Bookkeeping Master is a Business Planning expert! In this post I will list details of my business planning services and also give some insight into business planning.

What is included in a business plan?

From the accounting or financial perspective a business plan usually consists of a projected profit & loss statement, a projected balance sheet, a cash flow forecast, a sales forecast and an expenses forecast. All of these financial documents usually cover anywhere from 1-3 years of projected trading.

Why do I need a business plan?

I have seen so many businesses fail, usually within the first 6-24 months. A business plan ensures that your business is going to be profitable and that you are going to have sufficient cash... If cash runs out, your business is over. A business plan also helps you to write down your business vision and provides reasonable business goals. If you are hoping for external investment or a bank loan for the business, it is highly likely that you will need a business plan. The businesses that have been the most successful are those that have planned.

How much do business plans cost?

The Bookkeeping Master offers a business planning package for £250.00. If you would like further details or would like to proceed with your business plan, please email Sam at info@bpfs-online.com The cost covers a 3 year period of projected profit & loss statements, projected balance sheets, cash flow forecasts, sales forecasts and expenses forecasts.

Can I do my own business plan?

It is possible to create your own business plan but you need to ensure you know what you are doing. To help you, I have uploaded a business planning video series to YouTube. Click here for my business planning course.