KashFlow Review

KashFlow is UK based and offers online accounting software for small businesses. In this review I will detail what I like about the software and things that I feel could be improved...

The Good Points

Cost - when comparing with other accounting software packages, KashFlow is one of the most cost effective packages available. Their main business package is offered at £10 per month, if Payroll features are needed, the cost is only £15 per month. Other providers can charge twice as much!

It's for Small Businesses - the software is tailored for new and small businesses so you don't pay for features that you will never use. The software offers 95% of what all small businesses need; credit accounts, invoicing, reports, bank reconciliations, VAT features and more...

Very User Friendly - KashFlow is very simple to navigate and very straight forward. Features are explained well and descriptions are available for most buttons and actions.

It's Online - online accounting software has so many advantages; no need to send accountants back-ups, you can gain access anywhere with internet access, you can allow others to gain access with ease (bookkeepers, credit controllers, accountants, etc.), data is automatically backed-up and there are many other positives I could mention...


Bank Reconciliations - the layout for bank reconciliations does feel a bit clumsy and so does entering bank payments and receipts. The bank reconciliation takes slightly more time than it would with other providers as the layout feels awkward. Going back and forward from screen to screen is time consuming and this is what you will be doing when performing the bank rec with KashFlow. Other accounting software also allow for bulk payments and receipts, KashFlow does not.

Customer Activity - can only be viewed by creating a customer statement. This is time consuming, especially when resolving customer queries or performing credit control duties.

Reports - reports can only be downloaded in certain formats (not PDF or excel). CSV files are the common format and are not the easiest way to view accounting data. The report layout also prints poorly.

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My KashFlow video review is below...