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My Top 5 Accounting Books

Some of my subscribers find that watching my online bookkeeping and accounting tutorials are all they need to learn basic bookkeeping. Whereas some subscribers find that my accounting blog posts are the most efficient way to learn accounting basics. I created this post as I know some of you are interested in learning finance, bookkeeping, or accounting through books but are unsure which books you should read...

Below are my Top Five Bookkeeping and Accounting Books. I have included links for each accounting book on Amazon UK and


#1 - Book-keeping and Accounts

This is the ultimate guide to bookkeeping and accounting.

It does cost more than most other accounting publications but it is one of the best publications available.

It is a well recognised text used by accounting lecturers and teachers. It is widely referred to by those who teach and practice under the AAT.

The book is number one in my top five accounting books, click here for more details (UK) or click here for more details (US)

#2 - Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping

A cheaper option than the book above!

The book is well-written and the author (Alex Bryne) really knows what he is teaching.

Alex worked for HM Revenue & Customs for over 23 years and was a senior tax inspector. He began a tax consultancy business in 1997, which provides bookkeeping and accounting support as well as support with HMRC tax investigations and Capital Gains Tax problems.


#3 - Bookkeeping for Dummies

The 'For Dummies' series always provides well detailed and written books.

This publication is a great read for the bookkeeping and accounting novice.

#4 - Management and Cost Accounting

This accounting book is not your usual basic bookkeeping and accounting guide, it is actually a very extensive publication that covers cost accounting and cost accounting principles.

It is better used as a reference book than a basic guide to cost accounting.

The book content includes assessment questions.

A great book for anyone wanting a deep knowledge of cost accounting.

#5 - Basic Accounting: The step-by-step course in elementary accountancy (teach yourself)

This bookkeeping book offers a complete step-by-step guide to basic bookkeeping and accounting - perfect for anyone new to bookkeeping and accounting.

Even though this book is number five on the list, it is still a superb book and well worth reading!


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