Sage 50 Accounts Training Course - Part 1

Sage recently updated their accounts software. Usually these updates contain bug fixes and slight improvements. However, their latest update has changed the look of the software (it now looks a little more modern) and some slight layout alterations. I thought best to upload a new Sage tutorial, my old Sage tutorial is now a number of years old - audio and visual recording has come a long way since I uploaded that video series. The name of the software has also change to Sage 50 Accounts.

My Sage 50 Accounts training course covers the basics of Sage - from recording payments to raising invoices - and more advanced features of Sage - including bank reconciliations and VAT returns. You can see a full list of my Sage 50 Accounts tutorials videos here (go to the bottom of the page).

Sage 50 Accounts Tutorial

As with all my Sage training videos, this series is totally free (feel free to make a donation on my home-page). If your version of Sage looks different to the one in the videos below, you likely have an older version of Sage. My Sage tutorial and training videos for older versions can be found here.

The course will be covered over 4 blog posts. This is the 1st.

Sage 50 Accounts Free Training Course

An Introduction to Sage 50 Accounts

A brief introduction to Sage 50 Accounts, including what to expect from our free Sage 50 tutorial.

The Nominal Ledger Part 1 - Viewing the Nominal Ledger

Covering how to view the nominal ledger and my advice on ways to learn the nominal codes.

The Nominal Ledger Part 2 - Adding New Nominal Accounts/Codes

Covering how to add new nominal accounts (nominal codes) to Sage 50 Accounts.

The Nominal Ledger Part 3 - Editing Nominal Accounts/Codes

Covering how to edit nominal accounts (nominal codes) on Sage 50 Accounts.

You can view all of these videos on our bookkeeping and accounting YouTube channel.

The next blog post (part 2) is about the customer module and sales ledger - it can be viewed by clicking here.

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