The Cheapest Way to Buy Sage Accounts

The Bookkeeping Master often receive emails about the most cost effective way to obtain a new copy of Sage Accounts. Sage Accounts is probably the most popular accounting software in the UK for small and medium sized businesses. I have used it for bookkeeping for years, it is one of my favourites and performs it's job well!

There are 2 things to take into consideration if you would like to save money when purchasing Sage...

Sage Instant Accounts is Cheaper!

Sage Instant Accounts will usually suffice for most small businesses. Too many businesses purchase Sage 50 Accounts, a more extensive and expensive accounting software. Sage Instant Accounts is a slither of the price and has most features that Sage 50 has. If you buy Sage Instant and your business grows beyond it's capabilities, you can always upgrade.

Amazon is Cheaper!

If you purchase from Sage directly you are likely to pay more and also be contracted to upgrade each year (you are basically purchasing the software each year). If you are not interested in upgrading each year (50% of users won't need to!) or are looking to pay slightly less, then Amazon offers a Sage download. This is the option I always take and it saves me a lot of money each year.

Click here to view Sage Instant Accounts at Amazon

If you are in the US, Sage 50 Pro Accounting is your best option

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