When do I need Accounting Software?

Occasionally I meet a client that has accounting software that is costing them a heavy annual sum but their business has not grown to a sufficient size to justify the cost of the software. I am sure the opposite also exists - accounting departments/business owners using Excel (or similar) to record a 'monster' load of accounting information, when accounting software would save them half the time and probably half the money.

To help business owners who wonder if their business needs accounting software, the Bookkeeping Master has uploaded a new video - Do I need Accounting Software? When do I need Accounting Software?

When you start a new business you want to keep costs to a minimal. Most of the time accounting software is not needed for a new or small business. When the business grows to a sufficient size or becomes VAT registered accounting software can be absolutely vital.

Accounting software providers are now making software packages that are more suitable for new and small businesses, these packages are at a minimal price and offer a product to meet the needs of new and small businesses. As your business grows there is room to also expand your software.

In the video the Bookkeeping Master will give his advice and insight into when accounting software is needed. If you are ready for accounting software, he recommends KashFlow - click here to go to their website and view pricing information.

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